Download & Install webAppOS

Here you can find the installation instructions.


Using a git client

From the command line run:
git clone


First, you will need Java Development Kit 8 or later installed. It will be used to compile the sources during the installation process. After compiling, only Java Runtime Environment (the same version or above) is required.

Notice for Linux users having Java8: You have to install JavaFX compiled with Java8. You can find the corresponding commands for Ubuntu here.

From the *NIX command line:
From the Windows command line:
cd webAppOS/src
./gradlew install
cd ../..
cd webAppOS\src
gradlew install
cd ..\..

Configure for the First Time

The default (unchanged) configuration should work well on localhost ( However, to specify a real IP or a domain as well as to configure mail server and CAPTCHA, edit the following files: You can use any text editor.


From the *NIX command line
From the Windows command line
cd webAppOS/dist/bin
cd webAppOS\dist\bin